Tuesday, June 08, 2010

my anniversary present

it has arrived!!  husband bought me some "new glass" as my anniversary present for our 3 years together.  (i got him a new phone!)  we ordered it early so we would have it in time for our trip and it got to me in 4 days!  that was crazy fast shipping.  we also ordered a remote which will make my self-portraits so much easier!!

previously i borrowed my friend marta's "nifty-fifty" lens when doing shoots (like my friend tracy's maternity shoot) and fell in love with the magic that is f/1.8.  i knew i just had to have one of my own.  we've been trying to save to buy me a professional camera, but you know how that goes... something always comes up that needs the money more.  but, my friend marta recently got one herself, and is now letting me borrow her rebel!!  she is so kind to me.  that made it easy for us to just buy that one special lens for this camera.  im in love!!   

oh yes, i am a very happy girl!!
ps. the flowers are from my mum.  she got some from her garden and some she stopped along the side of the road and picked them for me on her way to visit.  she is so thoughtful. :)

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  1. What an awesome gift! Enjoy and share all the lovely pics you take with it!! :)