Thursday, May 13, 2010

{things i love} thursday

may 13th edition 

my theme for this thursday is "inspiring words."  this thrusday i feel the need to be inspired. i adore words.  they are powerful while still being simple.  so today i am going to share some inspiring words i have found lately.  and perhaps not in ways you'd expect...

first, some flickr faves!!
1. Untitled, 2. i am, 3. I'm afraid of that. , 4. L E T . L O V E, 5. close your eyes and it will be alright (explored), 6. indeed it is.

next is the winsome and inspiring words of this special lady...
the incredible, sweet and talented kyla roma.  a few days ago she did a blog post all about her thoughts and feelings as she approaches a new chapter of her life... the age of 25.  i would like to share a small excerpt from that post.  her words touched a cord in my heart... they spoke to my soul....they reinvigorated my view on life.  i needed these words.

Twenty Four helped me abandon perfect because it paralyses you. Perfect ignores that working from your beautiful, imperfect strengths leads you to an effortless place. Perfect doesn’t want a journey, it wants a hero’s welcome and control. When I get too hung up on details and plans I can slip into this mentality… and it misses the point of who I am. I’m not neat and tidy, and I’m not interested in refining the personality out of who I am. I’m interested in responding from my heart, with kindness, and with enthusiasm.
This year, I feel like I’m finally starting get it.
The jumps where I didn’t nearly execute the landing aren’t about rehearsing until I get it right, they’re about choosing my time, finding great people to do it with and then leaping out off the edge with style and abandon. The bad things that happen aren’t about what I deserve and the good things aren’t about what I’m owed, they’re dips and twirls in the dance, and the moments when I feel connected and loved? They’re about memory and hope.
There’s a beautiful story about Charlie Chaplin when he was developing his tramp character. He was working with a troupe of actors and in the middle of furious slapstick rehearsals his mentor would should out to them:
“Keep it wistful gentlemen, keep it wistful!”
Reminding them not to forget the sweetness and the wonder, even in the middle of that precise and wild abandon.
In the middle of all this, the good and the bad, and whatever next year brings my way I’m going to work hard to keep it wistful. I want the wonder to come as easily as breathing, I want to be wholly myself, and I want to work incredibly hard to will everything I have in my heart into existence.
click HERE to read the whole blog post.  thank you so much kyla for being you and for sharing.  you are brave.

i have a soft spot for good quotes.  and i collect them.  some that i find online, some that i see, some that i hear and some from my real life.  i thought this might be a perfect time to share some of my favorites with you.
  • "some moments we never forget because our lives have been forever changed." 
  • "the hard times pass like the good ones do." 
  • "energy goes where attention flows." 
  • "let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave." 
  • "there are some things in life that you just don't choose.  but then you embrace them and they become part of your identity."
  • "in the inner place where true artists create there exists a pure child." 
and what about funny words??  recently i was introduced to this blog.  and i could not stop laughing!!!  imagine, someone recording all the funny things you said in your sleep and sharing them with the world?!  you shouldn't miss it!  

and then there are my own words.  i hope that one day when i look back on this 52weeks project that i've been doing, i will be inspired by my own words and images.  it has been such a learning process and a deeply moving journey.  here is my picture and poem from this week.  please enjoy!

loneliness drips off me like beads of sweat
there is a haunting behind these eyes
please do not criticize 
the reasons for my silence. 
if only i could share the depths of my soul
if only i knew them myself
if only that was enough. 
with warm arms i hug myself
desperate for other arms 
for other statements of affection...
i see flickers, but doubt their intent.
in the heat of this day 
i am not enough;
tomorrow perchance.

so there you have it.  a special {things i love} thursday all about the written word.  do you have a favorite quote you'd like to share?? or a link to some words you love??  please leave a link in the comments.
have a beautiful and blessed day.

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  1. You know; sometimes in life there is a pithy saying or action that brings melodrama to the floor; and sometimes that melodrama is expressed solely in the self for only self; but sometimes it screams to be loosed and persons in touch say "what's wrong?" but there is nothing "wrong", nothing that can't be learned from . . . . and enjoyed.
    Pithy eh?