Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a weekend away...

chris and i went to Widby Island over the weekend to visit his grandparents.
our little trip turned out to be just what we needed. some time away...
we enjoyed spending time with his grandparents. they are so kind. they took out out for dinner on sunday night for Chinese food. it was seriously the best chinese food i've ever had!!! and believe me... i'm a fan! so it had to be good. my favorite was the honey walnut prawns. to die for!! wow!
okay...enough about the food. hehe.
the weather was perfect for a road trip and time on the island. bright and sunny and no rain! imagine that on the coast of washington! oh yeah, we lucked out.
i took sooo many pictures! i'll share a few of them on here, but i'm putting most of them on my Flickr. so hop on over there and leave me a comment or two! :)
along the way we drove past some amazing flower fields. tulips and dafoldills. simply breathtaking!

we also spent some time down on the beach. i got some really cute photos of chris. i'm so lucky my guy lets me take so many photos of him. he's such a good sport!

i have some more pictures to edit still, but i wanted to share these! <3 i have some from deception pass and some awesome water pictures.
i also took my mum's film camera along, so once those get developed i'll share them too.
keep checking my Flickr for other edits i do.

all in all, it was a perfect weekend.
thanks for looking!


  1. hi there! i stumbled onto your blog and just love your photos!!

  2. those photos are killer, girl!

  3. wow ~ amazing photos there chicky!!!

  4. Beautiful pics. . .I love the one of him on the bridge. . .the reflection is gorgeous! =)

  5. oooh, these photos are gorgeous darling.

    this is exactly what I'm needing I think... a weekend away would be so perfect!

    glad you had a good time! :)

  6. ok, I have to know... how do you make the rounded corners on your photos like that?

    I love the vintage-y feel.