Sunday, April 19, 2009

it feels like new....

there is something about spring that sends shivers down my spine....the good shivers. the shivers of excitment. everything is blooming and turning green and coming back to life. perhaps i will join the croud... find myself again and live this life. my photography lately has been a step in the right direction. i feel like i'm seeing the world around me with new eyes... or maybe just a new lense!
i wish i'd picked up my mum's camera a long time ago.


on friday after work i took both my cameras and took a walk down to the lake. i haven't got the film developed yet but i wanted to share a couple shots from my digital.
it was a cool evening; the wind was blowing just slightly off the lake and the sun was going down. everything smelled fresh and clean and new. i found myself looking down and looking up and really embracing and enjoying my surroundings.
i am eager to learn and become and dive into.
loving this life.

i am reminded of one of my favorite quotes: "even as we are, we are becoming." jerry spinelly.
this i find to be true.


  1. Isn't spring great? Here in Mississippi we have dogwoods, azaleas, lilacs, and wisteria blooming everywhere. It's beautiful! Love the pics, btw!

  2. Some beautiful photo's! I LOVE the tulips!!!

  3. I love the pictures you're taking!!! The one of the tulips is my fave!!!! Beautiful!!! xoxo

  4. Love, love, love your pictures and your thoughts on Spring! Beautiful post! : )

  5. lovely! I especially love the tulips photo- beautiful!!

  6. Gorgeous photos, love the tulips. We had a perfect 72-degree day here on Thursday, then rain. For 3 days straight now. Ah, well...April showers...!

  7. I feel exactly the same way about spring this year. I've tried to take as many pictures as possible. I love your pictures, beautiful.

  8. Spring is inspiring and motivating for sure! :)