Wednesday, November 19, 2008

there are not enough words to describe how i feel about this amazing woman: my mother.

we had a spectacular weekend together. nothing out of the ordinary, but she was with me, and that made it perfect. we just hung out, played cards, watched comedy, made food, ate food, had chinese food!, looked at pictures, shared good real laughter, and TALKED. i feel so good when i'm around her.

next to chris, she is my best friend.

we didn't take pictures like i'd hoped, but this one of her is a new favorite of mine. it was from my mom and dad's recent vacation to the oregon coast. she looks so happy here.

she went to the meeting with me on sunday morning, got to see me interpret a meeting for the first time, and meet all the wonderful brothers and sisters in our hall. they were so excited to meet her! it was pretty awesome. :)

i'm so glad that she came.

so i realize that its been a LONG time since i've posted anything really scrapbook related...and that's cuz i just haven't created anything in just as LONG. :( we took the AC out of our livingroom window, and with no place to store it, its ended up on the floor in my my "scrapbook studio" which is about 8'x8'. tiny! i can't even get in there right now.
but.... the awesome ladies over at THe CrEative TyPe have knocked another prompt out of the park!!! head on over and check it out. you're bound to be inspired!! :D i'm just sad i had to skip this one. maybe we'll just put the AC in the trunk of the car... there's a though!! :P

have a great week everyone. :D


  1. That is so great that you had such a good time with your mom. I always think it's so cool when I hear stories about people who get along so well with their moms!!

  2. Awwww, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend with your mom! That's so great.

    You could put the a/c in the living room with some cute fabric over it and use it as a side table of sorts??? Hmmmm...I guess it's not a perfect square though... :)