Thursday, November 20, 2008


this morning i was doing my usual read-through of all my favorite blogs and saw that my dear friend Dani tagged me!!

so here's the deal:
go to your pictures.
go to the 4th folder and find the 4th picture
post it
tag 4 friends

this is my photo!
this picture is from november of 2006. chris and i had just been at our friend (and best man) nathan's concert with the Wenatchee Valley Symphony. AMAZING. nate plays the upright bass. he's fantastic! after the concert chris and i, nate, and my cousin jen went to applebee's for late night drinks and appatizers. this was our first "get-dressed-up-and-go-somewhere" date. so i had nate take a picture.
this is why i love this man!!! he always makes me laugh. :)

now its my turn to tag 4 friends....
i choose:
1. Jamie
2. Brandy
3. Heather
4. Holly
alright ladies! have fun with this one. :D

thanks dani
<3 ya!


  1. Fun! What a great and happy picture!!! I shall see what my 4th folder holds this evening! ;)

  2. That is an adorable pic!!! so glad you played along!!! :)