Thursday, November 13, 2008

looking back...

i was going through some things last night and found these photos of me as a little girl. they warmed my heart with thoughts of childhood, innocence, memories, and life. i wanted to share them. :)
they're not the greatest quality, but they are special to me.

my mom used to have this one in a frame by her bed.

mom says that i knew i'd marry chris all along: tall, dark, and handsome! :D

this was my pose! i love that little curl on the side of my head... :)

in other news: my mom is coming for a visit this weekend!!! i am so excited. she will be here tomorrow night and stay through sunday. i have been missing her so much lately. i think it comes with being sick, and worried about life. she is such a comfort to me. i can't wait!
hopefully we'll take some pictures that i can share!


  1. Such cute pics! I've been wanting to scrap some of my old pics. Have a great weekend with your mom and enjoy every moment! Mom's make everything feel better, no matter how old we get. :)

  2. so cute! i had to catch up on weeks of your posts. we've been in mexico and our laptop died. glad i'm back linked in so i can keep in touch!


  3. hey lovely!!

    those pics are so sweet - such a little doll!! hope you had a great visit from your mom! xoxo

  4. You are so adorable!!!

    have a great time with your mom!