Saturday, November 08, 2008

things to be happy about today....

last night i got 13 packages of Happy Mail ready to be sent for today. it makes me feel so good to give and make someone else's day. i've received so many packages, and now its mine turn to give back. :)

this was the face of my baby sleeping this morning.... god i love this face.

i have tons of good music to listen to. seriously: who needs this many cd's ? lol.

today i tried a new sandwich for lunch: turkey, cream cheese, and BBQ sauce. sounds weird i know, but it was seriously SO GOOD! that, my diet coke, and my fritos made me smile today.

i spent some time today looking through my old scrapbooks. it was interesting to see ways that my style has grown, changed, and evolved, and ways that its stayed exactly the same. i like that. :)

i found my favorite coffee cup this morning... i thought it was lost. it was just hiding: in the cupboard. imagine that! lol. so i used it for my orange juice. its one from starbucks with pictures from our wedding in it. it makes me smile. happy memories.

its been about 10 days of no sun. which has been really hard on chris and i. its been very depressing for both of us. its amazing how much that can truly effect a person. hense the need for my "happy list" today.
now i'm praying for a hint of sunshine....but i hear its supposed to snow. :(


  1. I hope you get some sun soon!!!! I'll send some your way! A happy list is a great idea!!! That's what I should do too, especially after being disappointed and down all afternoon. Love your purple purse!!! And isn't happy mail the greatest??? I'm looking forward to our Jessica Sprague class starting tomorrow!!! I need to make my album. What are you using for yours? It'll be fun!!!! Yay!

  2. I'm ready for the sunshine too--these grey days get to me--love your happy list :) Isn't it the greatest finding somethng you loved and thought was lost for good?!? Hope you both are feeling better :)

  3. so i am prolly one of the few that love the cold, love snow and dreery days. it makes me wanna curl up with mullin spiced hot apple cider in front of my fake fire place while staring at my christmas tree. I know a little freaky, but it makes me happy. I wish for you one bright sunny day to come in the near future!