Wednesday, August 06, 2008

what became of my weekend....

this is one picture i got from gwen and anthony's wedding....and katrina, my littlest sister, took it. (guess it runs in the family? ;) ) it was an interesting wedding. kinda weird because after their wedding talk at the hall and their dinner/reception...they still were not really married! that happened on sunday afternoon in the US. and there was this big joke about having 24 hour chaperons and how they still had time to "run." rather strange. oh well. they're married now and safely in the US...what they've been waiting 3 long years for. happy for them.

chris and i performed during the reception. it went pretty good. i sang without music and i guess i paused to long in between the verses, cuz they all started clapping. a little embarrassing. oh well! chris did AMAZING! he sang the song he wrote and it was a BIG hit! so proud of that guy!

two of my bestest girls were there: jeana and kaelah. KK has been traveling the world for the past 8 months, and i haven't seen her since our wedding, so it was terrific to see her face again. and jeana and ben came from vancouver. she looked so beautiful in her dress. its amazing how long we've been friends. going on 6 years with jeana, and 4 with KK. lots of memories. we decided to make some more after the wedding and drove another hour up to penticton to go to "our spot" along the beach that we call "pedro's." just a tiny little mexican restaurant with a dance floor and great food and the kindest people working there. the owner knows us by name! so we went and really enjoyed ourselves and our time together.

here is the standard picture. i think i have 5 of three @ pedro's!

it was however, a little bitter-sweet. i found out that kaelah is being disfellowshipped. it happened last night, actually. so this was our last time being together and talking for awhile. going to miss her so much. but i am proud of her because she has the correct attitude about her discipline, and i think she will grow so much.

so that was the weekend. already looking forward to our next one. just getting through the week! i've got a little project on my plate for today: derek and nina's invitations. i've got to have a couple samples to show them on saturday morning. going to go work on that now.

have a terrific day!

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