Friday, August 08, 2008

hello there....

been a strange week...

i don't even know why i keep my blog up. no one ever even reads it. that kinda makes me sad. :( i guess it just needs to be for me. i've had it for 4 years now. lots of memories and junk. i sometimes go back and read through all my old ramblings. good times.

i finished my ideas for derek and nina's wedding invites. they really like em! (me three!) but now they are waiting a couple extra months to get married. so there is no rush on the invites like i thought there would be. that's a relief!

i made a page last night. about chris....imagine that! (love that guy!) its from one the prompts from Ashley Wren's "unpredictable requests" class i've been taking the last couple weeks. we're not supposed to show anything till the class is over, so you'll have to wait! :D but i'm loving the inspiration i'm finding--for sure! its "brills."

so i had a few strange things happen during the week. one with a sister in my hall (that i don't even know) and other with the manager at the bank. i guess what happened with both of them has just really make it clear to me that my depression is noticeable. that it does more than just effect me.... i'm really struggling to work through this. i am just so not myself. my poor husband has lost the woman he married. more than anything i feel bad about that. i don't know what to do. its a good thing i work alone most of the time. ~ last weekend when we were in omak we went to the meeting in twisp with my parents. it was their CO visit (wasyl) and his talk was so powerful. made me cry. there was a whole section in it about depression and realizing that it is a legitimate problem...that i'm not just crazy. and most important...that i need to see myself as jehovah sees me: as i want to be. brilliant talk. wish i had taken notes.

on a more positive note: i have lost 25lbs!!!! my diet went really well. i, however, still cannot fit into my old clothes yet. partly because i'm bloated right now...partly because i need to exercise more. once the "bloated" time is over ;) i will do more exercising. but 25lbs is not too bad!! it was a rough few weeks, just getting used to the eating habits, which are not habits for both of us. chris lost 20lbs himself, just cuz we don't have junk at the house anymore. we're both feeling good about that!

i just found a link to the cutest little necklace pendants and wanted to share! next payday i think i'm gonna get a couple. and its awesome cuz you buy 2 get one free! wahoo!

and here is a picture to make me smile. just posting has helped. and the fact that april just brought me my first cup of coffee in a month!!! YUM. man did i need that!
feeling a little better already!


  1. I found your blog through flickr, and I just wanted to say that your work is amazing! I just love looking at your wonderful layouts. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring!

  2. people read your blog. they just need to 'delurk'. anyways, those scrabble tiles are amazing. thanks for the link. i'm going to order some for sure.....

    go tanning. and pop some vit. D....
    1. everyone looks good tanned (and DRs say 15 min once/ week is safe ) and vit D- no one gets enough.

  3. and i like the layout ideas. you are so creative

  4. i had a 3rd comment. it was about my blog that i stopped and how i guest posted on a girl from works blog a few days ago