Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my bio-poem:

shaina christina lee-ann
*who is memorable, vibrant, and kind
*who is mrs. to wonderful husband, chris
*who loves white mochas, brads, and reality tv
*who feels that true love is possible, that the future is bright, and that real strength comes from God
*who needs lots of human contact, a shoulder to cry on, and inspiration from real life
*who gives knowledge of the truth, love with all her heart, and scrapbooks as presents
*who fears people forgetting about her, not being a good enough wife, and over-thinking things
*who would like to see “so you think you can dance” live, her parents finally happy, and paradise
*who shares smiles, long distance relationship advice, and lots of pictures
*who used to think she’d never find her own true love, feel at home anywhere, or laugh for real again
*who loves her new little hometown: soap lake, Washington
*who knows that life is not perfect, but is worth living anyway

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