Thursday, July 24, 2008

things i'm looking forward to....
  • this weekend is my friends jon & mercades 10 year anniversary and we're going to their surprise party on sunday
  • next weekend is another friend's wedding in canada and chris and i are singing at their reception. its a song that chris wrote called elapse.
  • i will be done with the strictest part of my diet on the 4th. wahoo!!! i'm doing pretty good though. i've already lost 15 lbs. :D
  • there is another surprise anniversary party in spokane on the 9th. it will be nice to visit with everyone. been awhile since we were back there. i can't believe we've been in soap lake for 6 months already! crazy!
  • my sister shelby is getting married in september and i am (as of this morning) their photographer! so excited about this. i've been scouring flickr for some ideas and inspiration. i took her senior photos, so she liked my style and wanted me for this special occasion too!
  • my best friend growing up, derek is marrying nina (pictures below! we were there for his proposal) in November and they've asked me to make their invitations for them. i'm loving getting to use my scrapbooking skills to help my friends. i am soooo happy for them. can't wait for this wedding!
  • august is chris' bonus and raise at work time.... :) we're thinking of going on a little trip. and chris wants to buy me a new camera so bad. we shall see what happens! that would be such a nice gift!
  • my two best galls kelly and katie are planning on coming to visit me in august. i can't wait! i miss them so much. its been quite awhile since we got to see each other. its so hard to live so far away, but we do our best!
  • chris and i are thinking of going to the so you think you can dance tour this year. we've been addicted to the show, and the tour is starting in tacoma. how cool would that be?
that's a pretty good list! and i thought i had nothing going on..... :P

my talk on tuesday night went really well. my little householder did such a good job and pulled off her "roll" as a snotty girl. turned out cute.

chris was sick yesterday....there is a bug going around at work. i just wish he would get sick on days i don't have to go to work so we could spend the day together. he's feeling better this morning.

so that's about all for now. still haven't finished my lo's for the current challenges. been a little "scrap-blocked" lately. i think its just how i've been feeling about myself. but most of them are due tomorrow, so i've got get cracking!

'till later!

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