Saturday, July 19, 2008

that hubs of mine....

could chris be any sweeter....seriously? working today and i got kinda cold. called him and asked him to bring me a sweater on his way out of town. .....

now i think i need to tell a bit of an older story.....
when we were first dating and falling in love i would just swoon at one sniff of his cologne. it was just the perfect scent for him and i love it. he would write letters to me and spray it on them, like a teenage girl. too cute. i've always just been about scents, ya know? back to today. he not only brought me my sweater, but sprayed a little cologne on it. :D so i get to sit here all day smelling like and thinking of him. cruel and unusual punishment, but a sweet sentiment none-the-less.

what a guy!


  1. Aaaaawwwwwh! That is soooo romantic! He's a keeper! :)

  2. i know right?! thanks. :D