Friday, July 25, 2008

the layouts even i've been looking forward to! ta-da!

here they are ladies and gentleman. and what fun did i have making them. lots of mixing patterned paper and some very personal journaling. i've got all but one done for the challenge prompts i'm working on. :D

hope you enjoy.

for TAIF. the challenge was to use notebook paper! :D

just one i did for fun...i can't get enough of the pictures lisa took of us!

for "the story matters" we were supposed to scrap: me--right now. so i did.

this is for scrapJack. the page we're working off of was debee's. it had this great quote on it i just had to use! also used some of my SFAC july kit stuff! too cute! :D

for OLW. "IF" i did my page about my grandparent's recent struggles.

so there you go! loving getting back into this full force. i made all these layouts in the last 24 hours! wahoo!!! :D

now i'm going home to throw the football around with my hubs....our favorite exercise together. have a great friday night! :D

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  1. I LOVE your layouts...the first date one is extra cute! Love the way you did the journaling!