Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sept 9, 2007

Salma's first annual Short-Short Film Festival!!

first of all i just have to say that Salma is amazing! she is so my hero! love her.

she got this great idea and just went with it. she sent info to a bunch of people in congregations all over spokane to make their own movies and then tonight was the big showing. chris and i have just been too busy to make one ourselves, but we still went to the show. there were so many people there all sitting on lawn chairs in her driveway and she projected the movies onto her garage door once the sun went down. such a cool idea! there were 6 movies made and a couple wouldn't play (for whatever reason) but the ones that did were so great! there was one done by the CO and his old western-esk movie. black and white, very funny...with cute "extra features." and then there was one called "blondzila" very well done. the had actors and when the guy "picked them up" they turned into little figurines. it was great! we had popcorn and candy and hot chocolate. every had a great time. hopefully chris and i will be able to have a movie made for next summer. chris is planning on building a new computer and making it for movie/picture editing and music production. hopefully we will have something cool for her next short short film festival!

today is also a special day in that it was one year ago that chris and i had our first kiss. we were at the fair in okanogan waiting for KJ to finish her ride and we were just standing together facing each other. he hugged me close and brushed against my cheek, and then we kissed. it was such a beautiful moment. all the emotions we had bottle up for so long came rushing out. i just knew i was supposed to spend the rest of my life with this man. i can't beleive that was a year ago already....and look at how far we've come. now we are husband and wife, happy, together, and falling even more in love with each other every day. :)

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