Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sept 3, 2007

yesterday and today have been so perfect! since there was a special meeting saturday we didn't need to go on sunday, so we got to sleep in....really sleep in! and then we just spent the whole day together, just the two of us, watching movies and just being together. it was such a treat! i didn't even leave the apartment all day and chris only left to get more movies. then on monday we both had the day off so we did pretty much the same thing only at 2 in the afternoon we went to jon's plance. he made us dinner and we watched some movies he had. it was so nic eto just be together and not stresing about life, and work and money and stuff. just a good couple days to CHILL! we so needed that. i love my husband so much. finding him was such a gift. he is so kind and giving and hardworking. and he loves me---me! imagine that! i never thought i would find someone, let alone someone like him who understands me so well adn loves to laugh with me. i am so excited to see wehre our lives and our love takes us. it is a fun process...learning each other and figuring things out. i love chris more that i can even say. he makes the poet in me feel inadequate!

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