Saturday, February 16, 2008


yes i know its been a long time....

i try.

here are the highlights:

chris and i both got new jobs back in october. AMAZING! chris got a job for a company called ferguson driving truck for them. its a great company and have taken really good care of him so far. i got a job at another scrapbooking store called Huckleberry's Paper Patch. lets just say my perfect job.

two weeks ago we found out that chris' new company is downsizing the division he works for and closing the spokane branch. he got a Moses Lake.

we're moving to Moses Lake.

i'm convinced i'm in desperate need of a new adventure. perhaps this is it. :)

so i have to leave my perfect job and try to find another one. but i know jehovah will provide. he always takes good care of us.

and we are together. together and so in love. life is good. wishing i had more internet access to share it with you all. its good and bad and hard and beautiful and scary and perfect and i couldn't ask for more.

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