Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aug 31, 2007

tonight we had Derek and Juliet over for dinner. chris cooked another absolute masterpiece! he is such a good cook! :) then we just hung out talking and visiting till 11:30. Juliet and i went into the bedroom and i showed her all my scrapbooks. it had been awhile since i had even looked through them. i loved showing them to her because she really looked, ansked questions and read all my journaling. the we just started talking about life and our past and future plans. we both work and banks so we had that to talk about too. all in all, it was a very enjoyable evening. its fun being a couple and having couple friends. :)

anyway, back to my scrapbooks. the last thing i have in there is from november of 2005! how sick is that? i have not even scrapbooked one thing about chris--nothing at all. i seriously need to get on that! ASAP! i have all the stuff to do Kelly's wedding album for her, and a little mini-album as a present from my wedding. i just can't seem to find the time and my scrapbooking room/office is such a disaster. it will take me all day just to organize it, nevermind scrapbook anything. i almost had a new job at a scrapbook store here. i had an interview and everything, but the owner gave all my hours to another girl that already worked there. that totallly would of been just the inspiration i need to get motivated again. to spend my days surrounded by paper again. man do i miss it! so bad! hopefully on monday chris and i will organize things a bit. i think that will really help. my soul is in desperate need of something creative! i think i'm going to start small just to get into it again. then jump on my 2 years of life i'm behind on. i'm am getting excited about it. truly can't wait!!

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