Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aug 30, 2007

"The Most Disgusting Service Story EVER!!!"

so i went out in service today as planned. salma bought me lunch as a bribe to stay out longer for the afternoon and it worked! so, at 2 or so mercades had a bible study to go on and asked me to go with her. now i've been on this study before, and let me tell you----it is the most disgusting house i have ever been in. the woman is deaf and very, very sickly. she looks probably twice as old as she really is. her husband, who is crippled is the only care-giver she has. the house stinks so bad that one wiff could knock you over. she has a big chair in the middle of the room in front of the tv that she pretty much lives in. and in front of that is one of those port-a-potty seats, but not only does she use it for that, she puts a peice of cardboard on it and uses it like a tv tray to hold her remote and her food! it is just nasty! so, initially i told mercades i couldn't go because it was so bad. but she guilted me into it saying theat she has just as hard a time. so i went. the study actually went very well. it was the most responcive i' had ever seen her. we watched 2 paragraphs onthe DVD and she understood and answered the questions. that was about as long as we could stand to be in the house, but as we were leaving she asked us if we could take her BAG FULL OF POOP outside to the garbage. she lifted the cardboard off the toilet and she pulled this bag out. if the smelll could get any worse, it did. mercades almost lost her lunch right there and headed to the door after appologizing. i just grabbed the bad and ran outside, found the garbage can adn we ran to the car. i have never felt so dirty in all of my life!!!! human poop, in a gab, being carried by me!! YUCK! its truly amazing what people expect. how bout that for a story!!??

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  1. oh my hun. that is repulsive,i feel horrible that some ppl live like that.
    service sometimes is the unexpected...