Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the sun is too hot...

to be out in service for 5 hours. i think i'm going to die of heatstroke. i can see my life story in the watchtower already: faithful pioneer sister dies at the door. haha. it sure does make for a long day.

the tract work has been fun though. its amazing how fast we're getting through our territories. i'm impressed. :) and most people have been pretty nice about it. intrigued, i think. its a pretty special work. its cool to look at what's being accomplished in the organization and see the work speeding up as the end gets closer. i am so glad that i get to have a share in it.

this month is going to be very busy. next week i've got kelly's wedding. i can't beleive that its here already. i'm heading up on tuesday night and then spending the week with her. i'm really looking forward to it. my mom is taking the pictures, so hopefully i'll have some really nice ones to put on here. i have one of me in my dress already, but i didn't want to post it and spoil the suprise for those going to the wedding. you'll just have to see it there! i love it. my mom wants me to wear a sweater. she's silly. :)

anyway, i should go now. sleep would be a good idea. if my mind cooperates and lets me sleep.

good night for now.


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