Friday, July 07, 2006

life lessons

"Life's a party, sometimes it's just not one of those fun ones, sometimes it's bizarre, sometimes wacky, sometimes fancy, sometimes intimate, sometimes perfect, sometimes seemingly pointless, but it's never boring. Revel in it. In all of it. " -Karen Kunkel

my friend karen just sent me an e-mail that said this. i just thought it was great. i love a good quote like this. :)


  1. I like the quote, It can be so hard to live in the moment when you've spent all your life being careful. There are so many things i want to say and do but can't, because of fear of loss. losing friends, potential memories. balance is so hard sometimes, lol

  2. I said this? huh. : ) I like it. I like what Christaphor said, too. --I can identify. : ) I love you Shaina. . . .--karen k.