Friday, December 02, 2005


next week i am going to visit kelly in william's lake. i'm going to take the bus up there and stay for a week. i am sooooo excited. my mum thinks that i shouldn't go, but save my money. i know that she's probibly right, but if i don't go now its going to be a very long time untill i see her again. i can't go that long without seeing her...i just can't. so i'm going. its going to cost me over $100 just to get there, but its worth it to me. yay! i can't wait.

so today i'm going to get my hair done again. my dad say's i'm looking 'grey' cuz my blonde roots are showing. hehe. its amazing how fast my hair grows. i had it colored about 6 weeks ago and its already grown out almost an inch! so i'm just getting my roots done today so it looks good for my trip up north. i think next time i'm going to get some highlights and slowly work back to my blonde color. we'll see how it goes!

i called my friend salma in spokane a couple days ago to talk to her about moving to spokane and joining the ASL group. she seems so excited about it, which makes me feel good. she's going to help me try and find a place to live. she's got a couple ideas that she's going to work on for me. i'm getting really excited about it. i'm anxious to move there and get my new life started, but at the same time, i want to find excuses to put it off cuz i'm scared. aaaaahhhh....i hate this inner battle i always seem to have with myself. we'll see if salma can help me come up with something. having some plans will make it more real and give me something to work with. i just keep praying that i'll make the right decision.

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