Friday, December 02, 2005


i've decided that i have the best friends in the whole world. they are inspiring and loving and comforting. i don't know what i would do without them.
  • kelly she makes my world go 'round. there is something magical about her. maybe its our past and the memories we've made....or maybe its the prospect of future memeries, but we just have this special connection through it all. we've had good times and bad times and great times, but there is no one else i'd rather be imperfect with. i *heart* kelly. :) 123
  • jenny she may be family, but we're friends by choice. we're the people you laugh at because we just spent the day together but get home and call each other and talk for another 2 hours. jen is who she is and i love her for that. "shut up...i'm fabulous!"...."i know, right?"
  • dawn she's my nabraska sister and true spiritual companion. i hear her voice in my head like my conscience. she's sensible and gentle and fun to be around. she makes me be a better person because she beleives in me. i'm so grateful for her friendship.
  • debbie she is my pioneer partner and self-proclaimed 'second mother.' i spend most of my time with her out in service every month. we've become so close. we rely on each other to stay positive and focused and happy. i know that i can talk to her about anything and she always has good scriptural advice for me. i just love talking with her and sharing my ministry with her.
  • lory i met her at pioneer school in august and we quickly became buddies and laughing partners. we sat next to each other and hung out a lot. i beleive that we can balance each other out with advice and life experience and share things with each other. i've learned a lot from her....she's expanded my musical horizons and given me confidence in myself. she's the type of friend who will love me for me forever and that means so much to me.
  • hannah she's a married woman now, so we don't really get to spend any time together any more, but we have our childhood memories together that will keep us close no matter what life brings. i hope that she knows how much i love her.
  • jeana sometimes you can meet a person, have a blast and then not see each other or even be in contact for a long time but when you finally do meet again, its like no time has passed. that's what it was like with jeana. now that my dad lives in summerland we see each other a lot more and we have a special bond. that bond was tested and strengthened in our car accident last year. she's my specail girl.
  • kaelah i met her the day of our car accident and i can't beleive how close we've become since then. we're both very 'touchy feely' people and i love that she'll hold my hand and hug me like she just knew i needed a hug. there is never a dull moment with this girl. i wish i could hug her right now! :)
  • nick he is my best guy friend in the whole world. he is like my little brother. from the moment we met we just kinda "clicked" instantly. he makes me feel good it makes me smile to think about him. we have sooo much fun together and i've kind of been adopted into his family. his parents bob and tonya are so amazing! they all make me feel wanted and special. and nick loves jehovah. that means so much to me. i just love nick.
  • ellesa she was the first friend i made when my dad moved to summerland. we went in service together that first day. from then we've shared so many small but special memories. like seeing the village together and buying matching mugs and pillows. i got her and her mom to start scrapbooking, so now we can share that too. :)

these are some of my special friends. i am who i am because of them.

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