Monday, December 05, 2005


on saturday night my parents met with the guy who is buying our house and so now we have a date to be out of the place....Jan 3rd! that is in 4 weeks. i can't beleive it. so fast.... and since i'm going to kelly's this week i had to do as much organizing and packing as i could last night. its amazing how much stuff i have in my bedroom. i'm a compulsive saver. i still have a lot of my projects from elementary school. but i got pretty good at throwing things out. i still have way to much stuff. but its been fun going through everything. i kinda got really sad last night, though. i think it finally hit me that we're leaving our house. it didn't feel like home until i realized i had to leave it and that it wouldn't always be there for me to come back to. so yesterday was a hard day.

so today i have service and then work, and then after work my parents are picking me up to go house hunting. so we'll see how that goes. and i get my paycheck tonight!! :D :D its going to be a nice one since i've worked every day last week. well, that will cover the hours i'll miss when i'm at kelly's. i can't wait to see her!!

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