Sunday, August 03, 2014



I think that this blog of mine has turned into quite a window itself...a window into my life. I have been blogging since 2005. That's almost a decade of my humanness shared online. Which kind of blows me away. On the one hand I think "I'm so glad I have all those stories and memories and feelings archived forever." But on the other hand I sometimes think, "My whole life is chronicled online. Is that a good thing?" 

I don't know, really. I mostly think that it is. 

Some people probably think that blogging is completely narcissistic. Blogging and taking selfies. Totally self-centered, right? But I don't agree. Some of my favorite types of books to read are true history and biography books. They capture a time in history, a time in someone's life, and share it in a relatable way that makes you feel connected to the people who lived back then. And I think that blogs will be the "true history" books of the future. Its my true legacy. Maybe it's strange that anyone in the world can find it and read it, but I think that keeps me honest. I think it keeps me writing from a place of truth. There is so one special to impress with these words, but the act of writing them keeps me connected to the little everyday things that bring meaning to my life. 

I write for me. Maybe I'm the only one looking back through the window of this blog, but the introspection is healthy for me. I gain strength from looking back at what I've come from and I think its special to have a record of the lessons I've learned and the journey my heart has taken. 

This blog is a special window. I'm glad to be opening up and letting in a little breeze again...


  1. I enjoy looking in your window, friend! :) I blog for me too...when I actually blog. But, it's nice to know that there might be a couple of people enjoy reading it too. I'm going to try to do better about keeping things chronicled, whether it's events, feelings, or just every day things. It's fun to look back at it later, even if I'm the only one doing so!

    1. Exactly! I'm going to work on it too... mostly for introspection. Thanks for stopping by my window and leaving comments. It means a lot to me.