Saturday, August 02, 2014



There are many patterns I notice in my everyday life…mostly patterns of behavior. Mostly in myself. My dad would call them “tendencies” and he’d be right.

Lately my biggest negative pattern of behavior is my stress management. I turn to food. Because its familiar and it comforts me when I feel like I have no where else to turn. And not the good foods I’ve tried so hard to train myself to eat and enjoy. The bad-for-me foods… like Cool Ranch Doritos and chocolate chip cookies. Like coffee with flavor in it and lots of calories. Like whatever random craving I get.

This is a bad pattern, and a bad way to deal with my high stress levels. I know this. I need to get past feeling like a victim with no where to turn and create better coping mechanisms for myself.

I need to create new patterns.

Sharing has always been the first step for me. My catalyst. It holds me accountable and vocalizes things I’ve held inside for so long…for too long. So I’m sharing today.


Help me create new patterns!
What are some ways that you deal with stress?


  1. I don't deal well with stress well at all, and the last few years have been full of it, it seems. I try to at least pray about things that are making me anxious, which is good, but I have a hard time actually letting it go after I do so! I really appreciated the last talk of our convention and took lots of notes about anxiety and how we deal with it. I actually have my notebook set out to review that specific talk the next time I do personal study.

    By the way, I love the pattern pic you chose. What is it, anyway??

    1. Oh yes, that last talk was my favorite! I should review my notes too. My pattern was a stool that I found at an outdoor market in Penticton, BC. I just stood above it and shot down. Turned out pretty cool. :)