Monday, August 18, 2014

Turning 28 years old…

Today I turn 28 years old. For some reason this one is a hard one for me. I am in my “late 20’s” now and it feels strange to say that. Is there more that I should have accomplished by now? Am I doing an okay job at being an “adult”? These are the things I’ve been thinking about as this day got closer and closer.

But I found the answer in creating this list… my list of 27 things I learned at 27. I’ve done this every year since I was 17. That’s a decade of lessons learned and chronicled. You can see a few of my other lists here.

I’m glad again for the chance to stop and look back on the past year and pull all the truths out of the trials. To see that I did grow and learn and change and become a better person and step into being the adult version of myself, even though it feels strange.

So here is my list for this year…


  1. My favorite part of driving a bright yellow VW Bug is everyone else who sees it and smiles (or gives their friend a “slug-bug”).
  2. I am blessed to be part of a fabulous team of talented people at NICA and to have the chance to learn from them as we tackle projects and work together.
  3. I am still a poet and an artist.
  4. Jehovah always provides exactly what we need. I’ll never forget my hands shaking so badly as I tried to unwrap my new Bible and the amazing 3 days we spent at the International Convention in Seattle. #greyisthenewblack
  5. Clothes that fit right can make you feel how you’ve always wanted to feel, and CAbi does that so well.
  6. Sometimes the answer is to put a little purple in your hair.
  7. Sharing my home with my in-laws has been the biggest test I’ve ever faced, but it taught me endurance and patience and kindness.
  8. You should never binge eat Red Vines. Or Cool Ranch Doritos for that matter…
  9. Mobile offices are the best kind of offices.
  10. Life as a Platinum Blonde is as good as I hoped it would be.
  11. Brush scripting is a skill I learned that I will continue to use and develop because it brings me joy.
  12. Cabbage steaks are too delicious to describe. You’ll just have to try them for yourself.
  13. I love stovetop popcorn with lots of butter and salt!
  14. I can do 200 squats in one day! And it does wonders for my backside.
  15. My husband expresses his love for me by supporting my dreams and realized that to keep growing I need new equipment. I love my new camera so much! 
  16. The #bestjobever includes driving home with the top down after a satisfying day of work.
  17. A house full of music is my favorite kind of house.
  18. Boats make the best hotels.
  19. Death is a harsh reality of life.
  20. I love taking pictures of couples in love; especially those celebrating anniversaries.
  21. Camel rides are just about as fun as elephant rides.
  22. #transformationtuesday posts are so helpful to keep our weightloss journey in perspective and encourage us to keep going.
  23. Home is where Chris is.
  24. Glad to be an official “iPhone-ographer” with the purchase of my very first iPhone this year…it has become my main camera for capturing everyday life.
  25. Finding a tribe of like-minded people can be inspiring and motivational.
  26. The best thing is to do the kind thing.



  1. Happy birthday!! :) I turned 30 this year, now that is a strange birthday lol. I don't feel what I always thought 30 must feel like, and I always thought 30 was so old when I was younger lol. And I agree with no. 27, that is what matters.

  2. Well, happy belated birthday, and - you're still young! I turned 40 this year, but I've sort of reached my long term goal, regarding work at least, so I'm fine with that.
    You're probably ok as an adult. When I was your age I was still at university and had never had a permanent job.