Sunday, August 10, 2014



Reviewing my Watchtower before the Sunday meeting drinking coffee. But its not just any coffee... I bought a big can of Tim Horton's coffee when I was in Canada last time so I could enjoy a cup of my favorite right at home. 

Tim Horton's coffee reminds me of being a teenager and living for late night visits to Timmy's in our PJ's and how my best friend Kelly could always tell if the coffee was fresh or not. It reminds me of learning to drive and gaining my independence. It reminds me of Canada and summers spent in that life with those people I love so much. 

It all feels like a lifetime ago...but just this morning while sipping on my cup of coffee it all came flooding back to me. I miss Kelly, and the large Double-Double's we used to get together. I wish life and distance didn't keep us so far apart. 

There is nothing better than a cup of coffee and special memories. 


  1. What great memories!! I've never had Tim Horton's coffee. Is it only available in Canada?

    1. There are some on the east coast, but mostly Tim Horton's is just in Canada. :) I don't know if its really the best coffee, but the memory of it is what I hold on to.