Wednesday, February 26, 2014

High school art days

I have been doing some shifting within my creative space/studio/office lately and its been quite a journey. Finding lots of old treasures and papers and things. Like boxes full of letters from pen pals I had growing up.

And my artwork from high school. I still just love these so much. I’m glad I’m a memory keeper (read: hoarder) and can go back through things like this.


The mountain on the left is an oil painting. Oils were always my favorite medium. I think that has a lot to do with my grandmother and my mom’s paintings. The iris on the right is done in watercolor. There was a hill by my high school that would just be covered in these flowers. I love them. And this isn’t the worst watercolor I’ve ever done...I wish I could have really learned how to use watercolors well. Maybe its something I’ll put on my to-do list for a future time.


Left side is a dahlia painted in acrylics. We had our classroom full of these flowers during this lesson. I have very fond memories of my art teacher, Mr. Brown and our classroom. So many fond memories and unique projects. Like my self-portrait clay statue with moose antlers. Ha! On the right is a self-portrait done in pastels. I love how the face turned out, but I must have really exaggerated my scoliosis. Look at that shoulder! haha!

Its been fun going through all my memory boxes and and collections. I’ve really come to realize that celebrating the everyday is something I’ve always been drawn to, and saving things lets me relive those amazing moments.

So enjoy some high school art of mine…and I’ll be over here enjoying my desk by the window now. The light makes all the difference.


What was your favorite thing about high school?
Are you a saver or do you throw everything away?
Please share in the comments below.


  1. I love looking back at my high school art, too! A lot of it is actually still hanging in my parent's house. I took 4 art classes my senior year! Crazy, but so fun.

    1. 4 in your senior year!? That's amazing. :) I love that your parents still have your art hanging in their home. What a gift.