Monday, September 16, 2013

My dearest husband


Chris, I have been thinking a lot lately about our love, and the reasons why it works so dang well and why I love you. There are so many reasons that come to mind, but I wanted to write some down…I wanted to tell you.

I love you because you are my friend first. We genuinely liked each other as people before we became anything romantic, and so in many situations I find myself asking “What would a best friend do in this situation?” A lot of times the answer is “A best friend would let him sleep.” I think we’re both a lot happier when we’ve had enough sleep, and that lets us be better friends and the best marriage mates to each other.

I love you for saying yes to so many of my ideas, and for fully committing to them and helping me see them through. And for supporting me when I get doubts and you have to remind me that I am capable and strong and worthy. You are the best partner, and I love the life that we have created together. I am amazed by the adventures we have and the new things we try and the joy that we find in every day. I love how we make decisions, little ones or big ones. We are so in sync. Its how we choose to see things, and we look at life the same way. I am reminded of a favorite quote of mine: “Love is not to just look at one another, but to look together in the same direction.”

I love you for wanting to get healthy with me and going on this journey together. We have made such amazing progress and I know that its completely changed our feelings about food and that we’ll take the changes we’ve made with us for the rest of our life. Food has been a huge part of our relationship these last 7 years…and you’re the best cook. But now we don’t live to eat anymore; the food we eat fuels the amazing life we get to share. And we feel so much better about ourselves. There is nothing sexier than that!

I love you because of your heart. One of the first things I fell for was your eyes…you have the kindest eyes. And they speak so loudly about your heart and the person that you are. You are kind and giving and hardworking; you are smart and skilled and passionate; you are spontaneous and joyous and full of life. I love who you are. And I love the part of you that you only share with me. It has been such an amazing privilege to truly get to know your heart and cherish it. You gave it to me to care for, and I’m never letting it go. Promise.

So, thank you Chris, for being my best friend, my husband, my support and my inspiration. I love our love and the life we have together. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

I love you to life.
Your Shai



Day 10 Prompt: Write a public love letter to someone.


  1. So sweet!! And the background of those pictures look that in Leavenworth? :)