Thursday, January 03, 2013

Life at this moment


I am currently:

Drinking…peach iced tea, but contemplating a glass of wine after the long day I had.

Watching…Downton Abbey on HULU while I work.

Wearing…very soft pj’s that my mom gave me and my slippers. Pretty cozy!

Reading…the Bible book of Ruth for my daily bible reading and I have a few books from the library that I’m deciding if I really want to read them.

Weather…has been extremely cold the last few days here. Icy roads and parking lots, but they say its supposed to be 30 degrees again by the weekend, and that’s an improvement!

Wanting…to complete my blog posts about my One Little Word. I have a summary of how flourish was a huge part of 2012 and another post introducing my word for 2013. I’m excited to share.

Thinking… about blog design and coding. Its taken over every spare spot in my brain lately. I wish I could get over this hump of learning and just know how to do what I want to do.

Wishing… for the Seafoam edition of Project Life to be available on Amazon soon. I am going to try it this year, and I think that color story that Elise designed is just perfect.

Feeling… anxious for a new hair cut. I’m in love with Becki of Whippy Cake’s hair. I’ve been stalking her instagram for styling ideas and I’m hoping Hannah and I can get together soon to make it happen.

Deciding…what color to pain the big wall in our house. We have a few swatches taped up, and I think we’ve agreed on the one that we’ll choose. Looking forward to doing some more decorating and making our house a home.

Enjoying… my job. I have so much fun and feel fulfilled in my work, even on long days like this.

Loving…my husband. I’m such a lucky girl to have that guy in my life.


What are you up to currently?
Link me to your blog so I can see how you’ve been!


  1. I'm on vacation! Currently crashing on a friend's couch in Boston.

  2. Mmmmm.. peach iced tea.

    Need to watch Downton Abbey. Have only seen two episodes and definitely need more.

    You will break through the design learning... you're amazing like that. I still need to get with you about some updates for mine!

    I love the hairstyle idea. perfect.

    Just painted our kitchen the perfect shade of yellow and it's amazing how much a coat of paint can do for a room!


  3. I love love Downton Abbey! I, too, am thinking of getting a haircut soon. Maybe I'll shock the pants off the mister and have a shorter cut when he gets home.

  4. i'm just trying to get motivated to post reviews on my examiner site. and putting up a blog post.

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  6. This is totally unrelated to this post, but I kind of creeped through your hair diaries posts. I saw you had red hair for about three or four months. How did you get it to stay?! I have strawberry blonde hair, and dyed it red (a little darker than your shade) about a week and a half ago. It was supposed to last eight weeks. It lasted eight days and I'm now a strawberry blonde again. Any tips for keeping the color in to last?

  7. Hi Shaina, I am new to your blog. I luuurrrve Downton Abbey. I am waiting for Season 4 to get to my side of the world. Best wishes with learning more about blog designing. Your blog is lovely, look forward to catching up on some of your older posts.
    Keep warm.

    Catriona from South Africa