Monday, October 01, 2012

Saying Hello to my favorite month


Hello October. I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been waiting all year for you and your (hopefully soon) crisp cool mornings and turning leaves. This is going to be a big, important month. I will be closing a chapter of my life almost 4 1/2 years long as I begin my new job. Hello new professional clothes and wearing heels that make me feel more like my old self again. This month begins our Saturdays completely full of the Russian language and leaning into the learning process. October brings with it getting internet installed at home, blog design classes, the last visit with my sister before she moves to Australia, buying new tires, taking family pictures and maternity pictures, days of training at the Credit Union and possibly the switch from iced to hot coffee. There will be much to celebrate…October looks good on me.


  1. October totally looks good on you - especially the blog design classes. I am jealous. I want more blog design classes. I hope it's a long month with all those activities.

  2. Oh how I love October! It's always such a busy month but filled with so much fun and joy!
    I am so excited for you Shaina! You'll have to keep us posted about it all! ♥