Friday, October 12, 2012

My first day


On Thursday (10/11/12!) I started my new job at Horizon Credit Union. And they even had my name tag ready for me already. Little things like that make me really happy. Smile If you want to catch up on the story of how I got the job and why I made the change come read this post HERE.

My first day with them went so good. I got to meet everyone at one of the branches that I’ll sometimes work in. Today I’m going to the branch inside of the Safeway store and then next week I go to Ephrata branch, where I’ll mostly be working.

All of the people at the branch were so friendly, kind and welcoming. I just know I’m going to love being a part of this team and fit well with the Credit Union’s values.


What’s the best first day you ever had?
Do you enjoy what you do for work?
Have you ever worked in the banking world?


  1. I'm glad your first day went so well! Congrats on your new job!!

  2. I think the job that I just started might have been the best first day ever. My boss took me out to lunch at Bryant Park Grill to celebrate. In general, I enjoy what I do... but the web development industry is so fast paced that sometimes I feel like we're being pushed beyond what capacity ought to be.

  3. I don't know if I could label any of my first days as great. None were terrible, but they all tend to be fairly boring.

    In retail: Okay, fill out a bunch of paperwork, then we'll train you on register for a bit and then you're on your own. GOOD LUCK!

    My current position: So I'm gonna have you watch me while I do my usual work-y stuff and you can just sit next to me and look over my shoulder. SOUND GOOD?

    But it's good to hear you had a great day at the new job. Sounds like you're going to love it there.

    1. It was really interesting for me to be on the other side of the first day and help train someone new before I left my old job. She said she learned best by doing, so I kind of walked her through things and then let her do it. I guess it would be different for different types of positions.
      But yes, my first day went good and so did my second and I'm hoping this is a sign of what's to come. I am so glad this all worked out. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Haha when I worked in a nursery, I got a name badge and it made me so happy!

    Unfortunately, teachers don't have name badges so I won't get one again :(


    1. Yay for name-tags!! Just make one for everyone at school and then you can totally swing it. ;)

  6. congrats! i have family in ephrata.