Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A portrait of my own

In July when I was creating Dani’s blog for her and had a portrait commissioned of her by artist Chris Conlon, I knew I wanted one done of me too. His work is just so good, and I’ve loved the look of  hand drawn portraits for awhile. So I sent him one of my favorite pictures from my blog photoshoot and I got my portrait back last week. I really like how it turned out and wanted to share.



I’m not quite sure yet how I’ll be using it. I’m thinking of maybe making some business cards for my blog and using the portrait on there. That might be fun! Or incorporating it in my own blog design. Suggestions are totally welcome.

Would you ever commission a portrait?
Who is one of your favorite artists?


  1. Beautiful! I love the line work in your hair.

    I commissioned a portrait for my "about me" and I love it, it's very much my style.

  2. This is FANTASTIC!
    Could you use it in the bottom corner of a photo as a watermark with your logo?

  3. I love this! AMAZING job! I hope to commission out portraits one day :) And I'm totally excited to see how you use this. For some reason I want to see it with some artsy watercolor accents.