Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week In Review


star SUNDAY: Sunday after the meeting we met up with our friends who have a boat and spent the afternoon on the lake with them. There was 8 of us and we had so much fun! I got some videos of our friend Andy wake boarding and Chris being pulled on the tube. I’ll share soon! My phone died right before Chris was flung off the tube and launched 4 feet above the water and then bounced. It was crazy! Too bad I don’t have video of that! I just enjoyed being in the sun a bit and jumping into the cool lake from the boat. So glad they invited us along. Hopefully we’ll get to do that a few more time before the summer is gone.

star MONDAY: After finding my to-do list from my boss in my junk mail halfway through the day and still managing to complete all the tasks on the list, Chris and I headed to Wenatchee. We went for dinner with his parents to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary and to take my wedding ring to the jeweler who made it to see if it could be resized. All the other places we’d taken it said that the diamonds would pop out if we tried to. But thankfully the guy that made it said it wouldn’t be a problem. I eager to get it back and wear it again.

star TUESDAY: Most of my Tuesday was spent stuffing copies into folders for an upcoming class. I survived with only one paper-cut, so that’s not bad. Then we went to the meeting and heard news about the Russian language class that’s coming soon. We are getting so excited!

star WEDNESDAY: Just another normal day at the payday loan store today. But after Chris was done his workday he got us a little Chinese food take-out as a treat and we watched episodes of So You Think You Can Dance on HULU. We really love that show! Are you watching this season? Who are your favorites? Then I convinced Chris to go get pedicures with me. He is so ticklish he giggled through the whole thing. The ladies at the little spa got quite a kick out of him!

star THURSDAY: The owner of the shop I work for was supposed to come this week for her every-other-week visit. She lives in Ellensburg and runs the other store there. However, this week there is a horrible fire in Cle Elum which is right near where she lives, so she’s got a lot going on. Friends and customers dealing with the loss of their homes and animals and mass evacuations. It’s a real tragedy and one of the worst parts about the dry side of Washington State. It makes the heat of the summer very dangerous. The smoke from the fire is reaching over to our town too. Today was a huge day for me in regards to blog designing. I was trying to do something specific and didn’t even know where to start in terms of making it happen. So I reached out to my friend Katie of Priceless Adventure who also does blog designs. She was willing to take the time out of her afternoon to Skype with me and show me via her screen how to create what I wanted. Totally opened up a whole new world for me and I’m so grateful!!

star FRIDAY: The Grant County Fair is going on this week, and in the four years we’ve lived here we’ve never gone. So we decided to change that this year. The best part? I got to RIDE AN ELEPHANT!! I have a post planned to share the pictures, but it was so amazing. It feels a little wrong to be so excited about riding an elephant in captivity and as a fair attraction. But it is one of the things I’ve most wanted to do in my life, so I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It was so amazing! Chris even took a little video, so I can share that too.

starSATURDAY: Chris has been dumping the trash at the fair all week, and they asked for him to come specially for Friday night. So after we’d been at the fair (and to Walmart for a midnight movie release) he went back to the fairgrounds to dump the trash after 1 am when everyone was gone. So we didn’t get home until 3 in the morning. Man, I haven’t stayed up like that in a long time! I feel so old. LOL. We made plans with Chris’ parents to visit again (to pick up my ring) and go to a get-together with their congregation Sunday afternoon. They don’t have a guest room, but they do have a camper! So as I type this we’re all cozy out in their bus, as they call it.


Favorite parts of this week: Riding the elephant!! Taking pictures of the amazing fresh fruit Chris’ mom gave us: blackberries, raspberries and peaches. I used a butterfly tea cup set my Auntie Lee-Ann gave us as a wedding present. Learning new skills and finding a class I want to take to continue growing my design ability. Seeing a video of my nephew Emerson clapping and saying “yay.” He is too cute!


What did your week look like?
Did you take time to find something good in every day?
How do you keep track of the happenings in your life?


  1. Last Sunday was probably the highlight of my week when James and I went out to Long Island to spend time with some close friends of his. It was nice to see trees and sit in a backyard just chillin'. Friday was the biggest bummer when I found out that I couldn't rent a car and then had to miss the the music festival I was supposed to go to, but the friend who was supposed to be riding with me threw plan B into high gear and we've spent the weekend hanging out and today we're going to have a barbeque.

    1. So glad you have awesome "plan B" friends. They're the best kind to have. And so many times, the plan B is even better!! ;) Hope your weekend turned out awesome girl. :)

  2. New follower :) Come by and say hi sometime!
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  3. Best part of my week was seeing the finished product of my classroom blog! Thanks for your amazing skills, again :)

    1. YAY! That makes me sooo happy to hear. Its been such a pleasure working with you and I'm glad to call you my friend now. :)