Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog Design work update

I have been hard at work this month with 2 repeat customers creating new blogs for fun and interesting purposes. I designed both Mary and Kristin’s personal blogs, but I was so honored when they wanted to work with me again for their new projects.

Mary is an Independent Beach Body Coach and wanted a blog for her new business that will be full of inspirational content promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle in conjunction with the Beach Body programs and products. Her new business is called Game-On Fitness, and so she chose the name Game-On Fitspiration for her blog. I worked with muted tones, a vintage sports inspired color scheme and some great fonts. She’s got a series she’s featuring right now called “Nine Innings to Health” that you should totally check out.

It was a pleasure to work with Mary again. I can’t wait to watch her blog and her new business venture grow. Thanks Mary!!


I just worked with Kristin a couple months ago to develop and create her Fancy Free Life blog and we had lots of fun working together. She is an elementary school teacher and had a plan for a classroom blog she wanted help with. I loved all the school elements and colors she brought together in her Pinterest board and had fun drawing inspiration for her design from that. I’ve mentioned a couple times that Leah of was so kind and gave permission for her elements to be used in the design. I just don’t think the finished look would be the same without that great apple!


She’s going to use her blog to keep in contact with her students and their parents throughout the school year. Isn’t that a great idea? Thanks so much for choosing to work with me again on this fun project Kristin!

I really enjoyed working on both of these designs and love that with everything new I create, I continue to learn. Blog design is something that I’ve really come to love and have a passion for. I’ve got another couple designs in the beginning stages that should be a lot of fun! I can’t wait to share those completed projects too.

Are you looking for a personalized blog design? Do you have an interesting side project that you want to develop and keep a blog for? I’d love to work with you! Take a peek at my Design page and see if one of my packages will work for you and feel free to send me an email. I hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. you did just a great job they look so awesome possum! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I love how they turned out.

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