Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rob and Kirsten’s Reception

So last weekend’s reception was so lovely. Really chill and laid back with great food, good friends, delicious cupcakes (that Kirsten made herself) and some fun family pictures. Kirsten and I have known each other since 2003 when we both worked at Page by Paige, a little scrapbooking store in Omak. It means so much to me that she always keeps me in mind when it comes to their family’s picture needs. She had a display board at the reception, and I was “oh I took that picture, and that one and that one. Oh, that one too!” Pretty cool to be a little bit of a part of their family history.

Here is my friend, the beautiful bride. She looks so happy and content.


And here are a couple of the group shots we got. The sun was so gorgeous that afternoon. They're a really fun bunch of people. I just love Connor’s face in the kissing shot. So perfect! And Gabby is growing up so fast. I remember when she was first home from Haiti. Such a lovely family.


Thanks so much to my friends Kirsten and Rob, and congrats to them on their marriage. We had a lovely time, and enjoyed our little weekend trip to Spokane. It was a great feeling to get behind the camera again. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it…I’ve missed it so much.

Thanks for taking a peek at my pictures. It really was a celebration! Of life and love and marriage. So glad I got to be a part of it.


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