Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello Thursday

TILTtitleIts another Thursday of another week, but seriously? This has been such a great week! I had my appointment with my GI specialist on Tuesday and I’ve never left a doctor’s appointment feeling so good. I’m sure I’ll talk about this some more, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders…just from really understanding what’s going on inside my body. Specialists are awesome!

So yes, great week! And I’m celebrating with coffee, a fresh hair cut and {things I love} Thursday.


>>>> My favorite Instagram images from the past few days. Colors and “girlosophies” making me happy. 1//2//3//4


>>>> Chevron is a trend that I have totally fallen in love with…I love it on clothing, scrapbook paper, accessories and as my blog background! Here are a few things on my wish list that I would love to add to my chevron collection.


1. Black and White Chevron Earrings: $7.00 2. Grey Chevron Long Zipper Pouch: $11.00 3. Chevron Vinyl Laptop Decal: $14.50.

>>>> A tweet led me to this great sketch with Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David driving around in Jerry’s VW Bug and going to get coffee. I love seeing comedians in regular life being funny. Like spit-tea-out-of-your-mouth funny. Yeah, that happens. I’d like to think I’m that funny…maybe just to myself. And my unintentional pause face in this screen capture is pretty killer. Click and enjoy.


>>>> This is a pretty awesome pin-board that I found all about Altoid Tins and their many uses. My favorites: the mini marshmallow roaster and the zen garden.


>>>> I was totally intrigued by this post on the Define blog about shooting an engagement session with a disposable camera. Such pretty and naturally magical images. You should pop over and check them out. They’re done by photographer Kristen Marie.

>>>> I don’t know what my friend Kelly has planned in the way of birth announcements, but these are just adorable. I saw the post here, but you can purchase the custom illustration from artist Denise Hedin in her etsy shop. I wonder if Kelly would let me design hers…that would be fun.


>>>> Three great tutorials for fun short hair styles via ModCloth blog. I can’t wait to give a couple of them a try. I really love my short hair, and its fun finding new things to try with it.

>>>> These painted shelves via DesignLoveFest are pretty awesome. The unique designs painted on them are all hand drawn first. They have a great video about the whole process up on the blog and the finished styling of the shelves is pretty much perfect. I wish I was better at that.


>>>> Post I loved reading recently: A letter to the man who will one day make me an honest woman written by Meg of The Wild and Wiley Ways of a Brunette Bombshell. Killer writing.

>>>> And lastly, the power of spoken-word poetry. I was so moved by this TED Talk by Sarah Kay I had to share it. I emailed it to my mum after I first watched it. I think she is my “Point B.” Enjoy…


What do you {love} this week?
Do you have chevron on your wish list?
Have you ever tried spoken-word poetry?


  1. Ahhhh yay short hair tutorials! I'm in a weird in-between spot with my hair so these are helpful :)


    1. Awesome! Glad to share the link. I loved the second one the best.

  2. Hi love, I'm so glad to hear your appointment went well and you got really good help/advice from the specialist! :) My appointment is next tuesday. I hope you have a lovely day today. I loved reading this post, especially the disposable camera part.. i've thought about experimenting with one a while back but haven't got round to it. i might try soon! :) xx

    1. Thanks hun. I actually writing an email to tell you about it. I would love to see your disposable camera shots. I participated in a disposable camera swap that I'm waiting on pictures back from. It was fun to see the world through a different lens for a change. :)

  3. I LOVE Jerry Seinfeld! I hadn't seen that yet, just the teaser when he first started the project. Thanks for reminding me about it. TOO funny!

    1. I just loved it. :) Made me laugh really hard. I love observational humor like that. Just real life, really funny. :) And isn't that the best pause face ever!? :D

  4. Totally loving your "Things I {love} Thursday"! Great post! -Lisa

  5. I MUST re-share the ted talk, so inspiring!!

    xo Shane

  6. Okay, that poem turned me into a crazy crying mess! Thank you SO much for sharing that! So, so beautiful :)