Thursday, July 05, 2012

Currents for today



  • TIME: 2:45 pm
  • LOCATION: at work in my little computer corner.
  • DRINKING: my usual: an iced white-chocolate mocha with salted caramel and rice milk. The girl that makes it just how I like it was working at the coffee stop today so I had to get one!
  • LISTENING: my Katie Herzig Pandora station.
  • FEELING: so happy with my test results I just got back from the doctor. My cholesterol levels are down by half in 3 months!
  • LOVING: that Chris is off at the lake with friends on their boat and having a great afternoon.
  • ENJOYING: planning out my month on my blog.
  • WANTING: to be with my best friend Kelly and her new little baby BOY! Yup, it’s a boy…and its killing me that I’m not feeling well enough to make the long trip up to see them.
  • DREAMING: about working from home.
  • THINKING: about starting The Creative Habit book that came in the mail from the library last week. I’m excited to read it.
  • CREATING: a couple fun blog designs for friends and repeat customers.

What are you doing currently?
Share something of yours from the list above.
Its worth celebrating!


  1. I love your hair!!!!! and I need one of those drinks. :)

    1. Hi, I found your blog on Making Nice in the Midwest and I am glad I did. I also dream of working from home or at least at my own business!

    2. It is dangerously delicious Amanda!

      And welcome Sweet Shelf. Isn't Mandi's blog great?! :)

  2. hi there!!! newest follower to your blog! omg - i LOVE your design and am totally hooked! cant wait to read more from you & would love if you stopped by my blog in the near future!

  3. just catching up with your blog. i've not been on blogger much the past week. i loved reading this post :) have a nice day xx