Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sister Day

Yesterday my younger sister Megan came to visit.  She lives about 4 hours north of me in Summerland BC.  It was so good to see her, and definitely something worth celebrating.  We needed a "Sister Day" together. We went for coffee, spent too much time at Walmart (where Meg bought out the M&M display...only a slight exaggeration!), and worked on a big project together.  

Megan and her husband are celebrating their first anniversary later this month.  And Meg, a spectacular planner, of course has something big up her sleeve.  And I got to be in on it!  Once again I served as the shipping depot...housing all the gifts at my house so she didn't have to pay shipping to Canada and could keep them hidden until needed.  Chris and I  had a couple fun days of packages, including a chocolate covered fortune cookie 10 times the normal size, and a 41 inch replica Japanese anime sword!  Yeah, she is an awesome gift-giver.  

All of the gifts she has planned are for a day-long scavenger hunt she's sending her man on.  And I got to help create the clue cards too.  Megan sent me a bunch of pictures ahead of time of the two of them from when they were dating and their first year of marriage.  I put them together and created a card base which we added the clues to yesterday.  We just got them printed at Walmart and they turned out awesome!  

Then, keeping with tradition, we created a box to house them and collect souvenirs from the day in.  These boxes that Meg and I make are pretty precious to us.  I made them as a teenager to collect bits and pieces of everyday life in and passed the tradition down to Megan.  The process includes finding the perfect shoe box with a folding lid, lots and lots of cutouts from magazines for patters, words and pictures, and then special pictures that match the theme.  Then using packing tape we laminate the box to protect it.  We made one for Megan's then boyfriend when she was going away to Australia.  She gave him mementos in it, things to remind him of them, and while she was away he kept all the letters she sent in it.  This guy appreciates these boxes as much as we do.  :)  So we worked on one for the 1st Anniversary. 

This is a time when my fussy cutting technique and scrapbooking scissors come in handy!!  And I'm like a pro at taping boxes now.  :)  Its such a fun project to do with and for someone you love.  It was a privilege to help Megan create something special to commemorate and celebrate her first anniversary.  And to spend the day with her.  That was pretty awesome. 

What do you do on Sister Days? 
Are you able to stay close with your siblings still? 
How do you celebrate everyday together? 


  1. How special and sweet is that!?

  2. What a neat idea!! I have a box similar to that (although not as cute) that I did when Brandon & I were dating. I still have it in my hope chest, filled with little bits of memorabilia, letters, etc. I need to get it out and go through it with him one day!

  3. Can`t believe it`s already a year! Sounds like a fun day that they have planned. I will have to remember that idea for a future anniversary