Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In My Bag

This is one of my favorite post ideas I've seen in the blogosphere...sharing your bag or purse and what you carry with you every day.  I think its a fun way to share a little bit about your everyday.  I did one a few years back, and it was fun to see the things that are the same and different. 

  1. This is the bag I carry on most days.  Its really a laptop case, which works perfectly for me.  I bought it at Ross Dress for Less about a year ago I think.  It doesn't have a label that says the company name or anything. But its purple, and big and just what I need.  I love all the pockets and how much I can carry in it.  If I don't need my computer with me I have a bunch of smaller purses that I trade out depending on my mood or what we're up to. 
  2. My purple faux-skin wallet.  I got it at Maurices.  I was looking for one of those snap open ones, but I needed a check book too.  This one was both. :) 
  3. Beauty Products: nail polish (base coat, and neon pink), Baby Lips lip gloss, chapstick, and bobby pins.  Chris says I shed bobby pins...they're all over our house and in my purse. LOL.
  4. My IBS medicine and some decongestant.  
  5. Dollar Store sunglasses.  They last forever, and I don't get upset if I loose them.  :) 
  6. My computer and pink mouse.  
  7. Keys with a Link With Love key chain. 
  8. My camera lens cap and remote.  I always have my camera with me too, but I was obviously using it to take the pictures.  I'm a Canon girl! 
  9. My moleskin notebook.  Its full of quotes, to-do lists, and blog ideas. 
  10. Droid X phone with pink phone cover.  I love it even more now that I can get Instagram on Android! ;) 
  11. My pens... I color code things in my notebook so I have black, blue, (usually purple too) and a fine tip Sharpie. 
  12. My passport.  I'm a Canadian citizen, so even though I live in the States I have to have a Canadian passport to cross the border.  I try to keep it with me so I don't forget it at home if we're heading up north.  That happened on our last trip and Chris drove all the way back home to get it for me! 
So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my everyday bag and learned a little more about me. :)  

Have you done an "In My Bag" post?  Link up! I'd love to see.



  1. First of all I love that bag and if I could find a "laptop" bag that pretty, I'd be excited. Secondly, it appears you carry a lot, and yet when I dumped mine out, it was more. I think today I will clean it. I actually change bags a few times a week, so I keep a quart size ziplock with things such as your meds, pens, hand sanitizer, kleenex , business card case etc, that I just grabbed and plop into the next purse. :)

  2. Fun post! My bag is full of bits and pieces of all kinds of stuff right now. I'll have to clean it out and then do my own "In My Bag" post!

  3. This is a fun post. I haven't done one like this, it would be fun. I love your purse BTW. It's purple and it's big it's awesome. I too am a Cannon girl! Happy Tuesday!