Friday, May 25, 2012

Guest Blogger: Jennifer Evans

I met today's guest blogger a couple years ago through an online class we both took.  We became online blogging friends over our shared love of scrapbooking and redesigning our blogs.  Jennifer has been an artist for the last 15 plus years and brings her artistic eye to her scrapbooking, photography and her life. Please enjoy her post today all about what Celebrating the Everyday means to her.  Read on for her 4 ways to stop and enjoy the everyday.  Thank you Jen! 
It wasn't until I was laying on a picnic blanket in the backyard with my five year old son last week that I could really comprehend what "celebrating the everyday" meant to me. It was peaceful. Beautifully peaceful.

I looked up at the trees swaying in the wind against the blue sky and then I looked over next to me. It was a lovely time and we weren't "doing" anything besides spending time together. I realized that no matter what the day brings, sitting down to soak in the everyday is important. Time goes too fast. Pretty soon my little man will be all grown up and I don't want our day to go by without capturing some of those moments.

Ways that I stop to enjoy the everyday are:

1. I start every day in God's Word. Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know I am God." I have realized that if I don't wake up before my family to take time to "be still" I feel like I am trying to play catch up the rest of the day.

2. My son and I often have picnics together inside or out. We read books together or play games during the day. It is during these quiet times that we bond.

3. We are often capturing our everyday with our cameras. My son has his own camera so that he can capture the everyday through his own eyes.

4. Our family spends weekends at home or away together. A day at the beach or a walk to the park keeps us focused on what is most important. Each other.

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  1. I love the ways you enjoy the every day! And your beach pictures are lovely.