Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Flourishing in 2012

For the last 2 years I've picked a One Little Word with the goal of letting it guide and mold my year.  For 2012 I was drawn to the word FLOURISH.  I've been sitting with it for 4 1/2 months now.  Last year I got a ring made with my word BEGIN on it, but once I picked my word for 2012 I knew I wanted a way to collect my words together through the years.  So I looked on Etsy and found the perfect necklace.  This etsy shop offers custom necklaces with words and/or names hand-stamped on little tags.  I got both my words and a pretty purple charm.  And I've been wearing it every day since I got it.  It is a little reminder of all the ways my words have presented themselves in my life.  

Ali Edwards has a class over at Big Picture Classes focused on One Little Word and I took it last year.  So this year I'm going back through and creating with each of the prompts again.  I haven't started the physical book yet, but each month I've worked through the thoughts Ali shared and looked at my life in terms of how my word is present.  I thought I'd share one page that I created with images that reminiscent of my word: FLOURISH.  

  1. The primrose my mamma planted for me when she came to visit.  It flourished for its season.
  2. My krill oil and CoQ10 pills that I'm taking to help with my cholesterol.  Part of the program to get my health flourishing again. 
  3. Notification of medical insurance coverage.  A very important step towards getting a better understanding of my health problems and flourishing within that space. 
  4. Walking almost every day with my sports tracker keeping track of my miles.  
  5. A touching sunset. 
  6. My nephew Emerson, whose smiles bring me so much joy. 
  7. A sweet card from my husband.  Our relationship is flourishing. 
  8. My morning journal.  I have been writing every morning in hopes of finding the writer within me again. Its been a good exercise. 
  9. My new running shoes.  These Nike's have a flourish of their own and wearing them helps me stick to my goal to stay active. 
I have noticed many ways FLOURISH has touched my life.  But now I want to actively pursue it. To find even more of a connection.  I'll share more of my journey with my One Little Word through the year. 
Did you pick a OLW for the year? 
How have you seen it present itself in your life?
What does the word "Flourish" bring to your mind? 

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