Wednesday, December 21, 2011

december hair diaries

Its been almost a month since my last, that time went by fast.  So much has happened and I've been really sick, but I'll share a few things in the days to come.  

But for today I thought another installment of "The Hair Diaries" would be just perfect. :)  New hair always makes me happy.  

I had been rocking the ombre look since September and it had grown out nicely, but was seriously SO LONG.  So long it was getting caught in things.... embarrassing my armpits.  :P  And it was looking kind of brassy in the places where the red color from before never quite got covered over.  

Of course once I knew it was time for a change I started pinning ideas and a direction seemed to form.... milk chocolate color with lots of dimension and a fresh cut. 

And cutting my hair was a big deal...this year I promised my husband I would go the whole year without getting a drastic cut.  And I did it!!  I can't believe how long it got.  The before pictures really don't even do it justice.  And I didn't do anything drastic with the cut.  Just my favorite chunky layers and clean, healthy ends.  

I am happy with how it turned out.  Its probably the closest to my natural color I've had my hair in a long time.  I think it will be perfect for the winter time...which is just now maybe hitting us.  We've had a couple days of a little snow, but nothing sticking.  That's my kind of winter!

Of course my cousin Hannah was the one who did my color and cut for me.  She is just starting a new adventure herself, she quit the salon she was working at, got her business license and has opened an adorable little studio on the Ave in Wenatchee.  I was so excited to go see her new space and get my hair done there.  I'm so proud of her and I know she's going to do awesome as she progresses forward with this new journey.  

So there is a little hair happiness for today.  Its been a hard month, but I think even this little change is helping.  


  1. Oh, that color is so beautiful! Its SUPER flattering to your eyes and coloring!!!

  2. So, I definitely need a cousin Hannah that does hair! *sigh* Mine is in a desperate need...

    It looks beautiful, nice and refreshed!