Friday, November 25, 2011


One hour ago... I was watching The Sing-Off on HULU.

Two hours ago... I was finishing up my 365 project post from the last month. 

Ten hours ago... I was hugging Chris goodbye as he left for work today. 

Eighteen hours ago... I was unpacking more boxes in my office. 

Twenty-four hours ago... I was napping with husband.  Sleep is so glorious. 

Three days ago... I said goodbye to my best friend and made the drive home from Canada. 

Five days ago... I got the news that my grandmother passed away. 

One week ago... I was driving through a winter storm to be with my family in the hospital at my grandmother's side. 

One month ago... I was editing and sharing pictures from my most recent family portrait session. 

Six months ago... I was at my sister Megan's wedding. 

One year ago... we lost and found our Spencer puppy. 

Five years ago... Chris and I were falling deeper in love and I was making plans to move to Spokane.

Ten years ago... I was listening to Savage Garden in my very own bedroom.  

Fifteen years ago... I was learning to be a part of a much bigger family. 

Twenty three years ago... I became a big sister for the first time. 

Thanks for another great list to fill out Nancy.  It was interesting to look back through time....


  1. Very interesting post! I'll have to try that sometime. :)

  2. I love it hair this length and color, u look gorgeous