Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hair Diaries: Ombre

I am so excited to share another installment of "The Hair Diaries" today.  One of my favorite hair trends lately is Ombre which comes from a French word meaning "shaded."  Its been popping up all over the place in hair, make-up and design, and I have found myself drawn to it for awhile now.  

Here is my hair inspiration for this look that I pinned and saved: 
source // source
I love the tone of Drew's hair, but mine ended up a little more the tone of Laura's hair because of going from the red color.  My cousin Hannah (my lovely stylist) and I had to do a few tries before my hair stopped looking crazy orange.  Haha!  But I did get to go to her salon after hours for the first time, and that was so much fun.  She did my toe nails while we waited and talked about our plans for the future and threw around some business ideas.  

And here is the final product: 

I just love how it turned out.  And my hair always a little healthier after I get it processed.  That kinda sounds backwards, but I can even see a difference in these pictures.  

So, do you like the ombre trend?  Would you / have you tried it?  I'm diggin it! 


  1. I had never heard of it before, but your hair looks really nice. I love the color!

  2. I have to say I understand the healthier looking hair after processing...mine always does too. My sis says its because they comb it so much that it completely smooths the folicle...anyway...I'm a fan of ombre in CERTAIN situations. I've seen some that just look like the lady hadn't gotten her hair done in a long time and hadn't bothered to darken the ends...and then I see some that look amazing. It can be so pretty...or it can look so trashy...I LOVE how yours turned out...and I love the Drew picture. I'm not so fond of the other one. Maybe because the gradient is too stark?

  3. Ooooh, I love this one too!

    This is how I want mine: - my hair isn't quite as long, but close!!

    I love your cut too.

  4. I love ombre! I wanted to try it once, but I couldn't explain it to my hairdresser and changed my mind. :)