Tuesday, August 02, 2011

learning to do my hair

Last night I had a revelation!!  After getting my roots touched up (yet again! my hair grows so crazy fast!) I asked Hannah if she would help me figure out how to curl my own hair.

Yes, you read correctly.  I didn't know how to curl my own hair.
I could never make my hands do what my brain knew they should do.

But Hannah showed me and let me practice the hand motion on her cool iron until I got it down.  Then I went and bought a new curling iron (cuz the ones I had were pink and came in a 3-pack when I was 12) and tried it this morning.

I was so excited with how they turned out I just had to take pictures and include this in my Hair Diaries.  I know it might seem a little anticlimactic, but I promise...its a big deal for me! lol.

Yay for happy hair.

So I think I'm getting ready to change my hair again.  I've had the red and purple since May and its been my favorite that I've had in a long time.  But I think its time soon...

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for what I should try next? Send me pictures or links.  I'd love to go exploring and find something new.

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  1. its so pretty! I'm not a curler...I did it for a decade - every inch of my very thick hair...I don't think I even own a curling iron anymore...lo....