Friday, July 01, 2011

Masquer's Theater

For the last few months Chris and I have been hard at work with the most recent play at Masquer's Theater called "The Doctor in Spite of Himself."  Its a seventeenth century comedy by Moliere (see details here).  Chris played the young man in love with the daughter who fakes loosing her speech so she won't have to marry someone else.  And I was stage manager on this performance.

This is the 3rd production Chris and I have been a part of, and its something we really love to do.  The Masquer's Theater is an intimate local theater in Soap Lake, and when we're involved in a play it feels like our second home.  The Doctor was our favorite so far...we loved the cast and crew and just had fun every performance.  The play is full of subtle humor and some laugh-out-loud moments.  So that was my other job: to sit in the audience and laugh.  :D  I love laughing... and even after seeing it so many times, I still genuinely laughed at the jokes.

I also took pictures one of the performances, so I wanted to share them here.

I made Shutterfly books for everyone and they should be here tomorrow or the next day.  I am eager to see how they turned out.

the last performance was last Sunday the 26th.  We're both a little sad its over, but I am eager for a bit of a break.  It has kept us so busy this last month!  This winter there will be a production of "The Wizard of Oz!"  I think Chris would make a fabulous Cowardly Lion, don't you??  :D

So now you know a little bit more about my life "offline."  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


  1. How fun! You did a great job with the pictures!

  2. Oh Shaina, I so envy you guys. I was so involved in theatre all my life until moving to mid-Ohio. When I got here, I tried to get involved with the local community theatre groups here, but man-oh-man did I find a different culture. Totally cuthroat and NOT family. I miss it... I really miss it. It was in my blood for so long... and now on my 14th year without it. :( So envious!