Saturday, June 18, 2011

the blog post just to say...

I am currently so busy living life that I haven't had time to blog life.
And honestly, I'm liking my summer this way.

My days have been full of changing sets at the theater, the soft but persistent click of my camera's shutter, lots of walking and talking, Russian and ASL, synchronized breathing and smiling with my whole body.  There have been sad days (a funeral attended) and really rough days (my work computer crashing!) and happy days (having awesome experiences out in service) and days full of life.  There is deep love, and renewed friendships, overnight guests and a cleaning lady.  There is decorating and making our house a home.  There are sunflower seeds and throwback Pepsi and Magnum ice cream bars.  There are plans and love and life.

And I am happy.  So, so happy.  
Which feels like something new, or maybe just something relearned...

I am collecting things along the way this summer and I'm thinking of making one of these projects.  (love)  If I do I'll share it here, maybe during or after, whichever works.  And starting on the 22nd, which is our anniversary (4 years!) Chris and I are starting a 365 project to chronicle our 5th year of marriage.  I don't have a plan yet for sharing the pictures, so we'll see how that goes too.  But we are really excited about it!

So that's where I am.
I just wanted to check in I guess...
Happy Summer!

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  1. I love the idea of doing a 365 project of your 5th year of marriage rather than starting January 1. What a treasure later!