Wednesday, February 09, 2011

in search of a home

the process of finding and purchasing a house is a journey chris and i have been on for awhile now.  i've shared a little bit along the way...  when we thought we'd found the house for us.  when we moved in and started renting while waiting for the papers to process.  when our mortgage loan was approved.  and then when the whole deal fell apart

talk about a roller coaster ride! 

since the deal fell apart back in september we've just stayed renting the little house until we can find something new.  but now that the snow has melted (hopefully for good) and spring seems to be on its way, we are eager to proceed and see where this journey takes us.  and so i'd like to introduce a new little feature here on my blog:

with this feature i hope to share a bit of the process:  house hunting, the decision process, meeting with the lender, packing and moving and ultimately turning the house into our home.  im really excited about this.  i think finding a new place to live will help me move past the bitterness and hurt i feel still living in the house we can't have. 

so please, join me on this journey!  i would love any tips and hints you have to offer and advice on future posts.  i think this could be fun!

we have an appointment for next monday to look at a couple places in a development in town.  who knows...maybe a new house is the way to go.  i'll share how it goes! 

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